Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blog Revival for Readers

Casual Reading in Warsaw
The problem I have been experiencing with blogs is that I often run out of things to say. I do not travel every month so travel blogs are a bit out of the questions (though I recently came back from excursions to Brazil and Mexico) and writing about my day to day occurrences is quite the drag. However, since I started working at HP and began a total daily commute of just over two hours, I have had time to read (devour) books. From history books like Paris 1914 by Margaret MacMillan to philosophical psych thrillers written by Bulgakov, I enjoy a wide variety of books that may (or may not) interest a reader. I have resolved to write my general musings and thoughts on the book. The format is along the lines of a book report to the dismay of my third grade self. The first review I will be writing will be about The Innovators by Walter Isaacson (the author of the Steve Jobs Biography). I will post it within the next two weeks!

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